The “party devils” rock

The 'party devils' rock

This weekend the party and life scene of the region makes a pilgrimage to the 14. Ramp party with 70th anniversary of sollner logistic to kleintettau. With the best open-air weather forecast, there will be a lot to do over two days. The take-me party band will rock the stage on friday. When "the party devils" get going, pure party is guaranteed. Admission from 7 p.M., start at 9 p.M.
The tradition has a name at the ramp festival, and it is called "silhouettes". The musical dinos have been on tour for over 50 years and have been a magnet for visitors to the ramp festival for almost as long. According to the motto "life is a highway" guests can look forward to many specials. Admission on saturday is from 17 o’clock. Easy springsteen" will kick off the musical program with a one-hour solo short program featuring a selection of the best-known songs from the musical oeuvre of the 68-year-old US musician bruce springsteen. From about 7 pm the "silhouettes" will start and will give ingenious hits on your dancing legs, as promised by the organizer. Admission is free this evening.

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