The precision of the wurzburg butchers

The precision of the wurzburg butchers

There he stood and looked. Berlin’s dashaun wood raised his eyebrows, plucked his headband, and loved to hang his arms. A pass of maybe five, six meters had just flown an arm’s length past the berlin playmaker and landed somewhere in the vip area. Marko simonovic had passed, but he turned the palms up: innocent. Wood trotted back. The game was decided. 15 minutes before the end, a 49:29 score was flashing from the scoreboard. Alba berlin was trailing in wurzburg. Unassailable. Even wurzburg’s coach john patrick couldn’t help grinning: "we defended very well today and are now looking forward to the chance in berlin."

The wurzburgers were at the mercy of the berliners for 40 minutes, attacked early and alba never got into the game.

Butcher basketball, berlin’s manager marco baldi had already accused the wurzburgers at the first meeting, because of the hard play of the underfranconians, who already start defending at the opponent’s baseline and just don’t give any rest. Only heiko schaffartzik (17 points) scored for alba and at least preserved the hope for the turnaround for alba. But every time the break threatened, the baskets hit their threes through ben jacobson and ivan elliott, or alex king scored via alley oop. "This was one of our best games from the three line", said john patrick. His opponent gordon herbert could hardly find words after the defeat of his team. Long pauses between the sentences, a sip from the water bottle, silence. "Their intensity was much better than ours", said herbert. The alba coach had little more to do than watch his playmaker dashaun wood: look and marvel at what the wurzburgers accomplished in their 79:66 playoff win over berlin.

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