Three puppies rescued from van

Three puppies rescued from van

Thanks to an attentive witness, a patrol of the kitzingen police was able to seize three dog puppies in a small van. The driver of the vehicle is now facing, among other things, proceedings under the animal welfare act.

According to police reports, an attentive witness called the police on tuesday morning and stated that he had just been offered dog puppies for sale from a small van. Fortunately, he made a note of the van’s license plate number. A patrol of the police kitzingen could stop the vehicle on the highway and at the junction wiesentheid of a control subject.

The officers actually found three small male puppies in the vehicle, which were – without any safety device – on the loading area. The three puppies were immediately seized by a service dog handler and are now to be rehabilitated at an animal shelter. Among other things, the driver of the transporter is facing criminal proceedings under the animal welfare act.

The three puppies have meanwhile ended up at the animal shelter in kitzingen. There they are cared for. The young spitzruden (allegedly two and four months old) are under quarantane.

That is, they can neither be looked at nor mediated. Calls and inquiries are therefore pointless at the moment. Animal shelter director angela drabant pointed this out. When the legal situation around the three little ones is clarified, the public will be informed, she said.

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