Tradition with a powerful effect

Tradition with a powerful effect

The cock-beating was the attraction for the villagers and many guests from the neighboring villages at the kraisdorfer kirchweih on saturday afternoon. Last but not least, a brilliant autumn sun ensured the best kirchweih mood.

The four roosters were driven through the village on a wheelbarrow, accompanied musically by the brass band kraisdorf. The musicians under conductor gerhard eller entertained the guests at the fairground also during the afternoon. On the soccer field, the participants had to hit an empty five-liter beer can with a maximum of three blows, blindfolded in corona style, and with a flail.

"Open for everything"

If the can was not hit the second time, there was "target water" from master of ceremonies stefan pohley. Elmar schneidawind moderated the two and a half hours in a suffisant and humorous manner. There were many prizes – besides the four "gogers" – to choose from.

A highlight was when gerlinde grimmer was chauffeured through the area in a wheelchair with blindfold and flail by andreas dietz – and scored. A thunderous applause was sure. "We're just open to anything," commented the moderator.

The spectacle was organized for the first time by the fire department; in previous years, the swimming pool association had been responsible for organizing the event. 

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