Volunteering – not a discontinued model!?

Volunteering - not a discontinued model!?

A question that obviously interests young people: how can politics strengthen volunteerism?? This is what willi dippold wanted to know at the panel discussion on friday evening at the JUZ. The answers of the candidates for the state parliament in the ticker:

Martin schoffel (CSU): "all those involved are doing something great for the community – and they should get something out of it. That’s why we have introduced the honorary ticket, which offers tangible benefits. One thing is certain: club chairmen in particular should not need a law degree to carry out their work. That’s why we have developed many guidelines to make things clearer and more legally secure."

Inge aures (SPD): "without volunteerism there can be no functioning society. The best example was the year 2015, when the voluntary refugee helpers did the main work, not only in munich. I would like to see improvements for trainers, for example."

Rainer ludwig (free voter): "we stand for a participatory society, and we want to strengthen it. Volunteerism can be strengthened by financial as well as tax incentives. Bureaucratic monsters like the data protection ordinance are a deterrent and more of a handicap."

Wilfried kukla (grune): "legal certainty must be guaranteed. If something ever happens, it must not be at the expense of the volunteers."

Michael otte (FDP): "i was a handball coach for ten years, but at some point i even had to make sure that the triple gymnasium was open on weekends for my team, because the district council had decided: the janitor is no longer there on weekends. We had to pay for that ourselves, along with all the formalism. It would have helped us if the janitor had been there for two hours, and it would certainly not have cost more."

Oswald greim (die linke): "in our election program, we have proposed a so-called educational leave for all employees. Volunteers have to prepare themselves – that takes time, and you shouldn’t have to spend your vacation time on that, but rather have the opportunity to train for your volunteer work with a bavarian training leave law. Unfortunately, bavaria is at the bottom of the league in this respect."

Gerd kogler (afd): "volunteerism is indispensable for a free society. But there must be a change of mindset among the population as far as their own readiness is concerned. Kennedy said: ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.’ we need this spirit again, it can make the honorary strong."

Christiane zeigler (bavarian party): "it is important to strengthen the image of volunteers and reduce bureaucracy. Unfortunately, it quickly gets out of hand with all the things that have to be considered and preparations that have to be made. There are too many hurdles."

Reinhard englert (odp): "personally, it has been very enriching, I have given and received a lot in return. Volunteers are constantly in danger of local politics passing on tasks to volunteers that the politicians themselves had to take care of. I am in favor of a very clear demarcation, otherwise there will be a tug-of-war over competencies."

Michaela huttner (courage party): "many requirements and laws gag the volunteers’ actions. If, as a parent council member, I have to write on a nut cake that there are nuts in it, or on "all my little ducks"? If there are company fees, there are limits somewhere."

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