What becomes of the tranen-brunnlein?

What becomes of the tranen-brunnlein?

A fountain, which stands in the small park at the war memorial in abtswind, was the subject of discussion by the town council at its meeting. The monument made of sandstone is visibly in bad condition, water has not been flowing there for a long time. Klaus lenz, the mayor of the old castle, had pointed this out at the castle meeting and asked what the community wanted to do with the little fountain. The little fountain was once built in the course of the erection of the war memorial. It is to remind of the trances of the members, who lost people in the wars, explained lenz the meaning.

Mayor jurgen schulz ordered that the issue be raised in the town council, which he did. In the meeting, the councilors agreed that the so-called tranen-brunnlein should be preserved. The watering place, so that the fountain runs again, is too time-consuming, the council said. Especially since no water had run there for far more than 20 years. A planting of flowers, on the other hand, was conceivable, according to the committee.

Plum cube as a barrier against lawns

Mayor schulz commanded that he will call on the citizens through the bulletin to make suggestions on how to proceed.

Mayor schulz also reported from the burgers’ meeting that some burgers did not feel it was necessary to put up speed barriers on stammbauersweg. Schulz had mentioned the plans of the municipality, because on the bypass of the local thoroughfare, despite the speed limit of 30 km/h, people often drive quite fast. Only the other day the measuring device registered a car with a speed of 78 kilometers per hour. The installation of plant cubbies as a barrier should make the vehicles to drive slower, the attempt with it is made, according to the mayor.

During the meeting, mayor schulz announced that the municipality had commissioned the repair of the path to the hunting lodge on friedrichsberg. After the owner, the princely house of castell-rudenhausen, asked whether the municipality wanted to join in the renovation, the council agreed. The approximately 1.2 kilometer long part of the path from the road into the forest, which is under construction load of the municipality, will be improved at a cost of 25,900 euros, the work will be done in the next few days.

Municipal council votes on youth demand

The renewal of the wall at the former church castle was awarded. There was in the winter a coarse piece broken out, which the municipality lets repair again. The order went to the company reinhart natursteine in rauhenebrach for 13 719 euro.

In addition, the allocation for the 2019 municipal youth team was decided. The market abtswind provides as a voluntary benefit to the clubs and groups annually 5000 euros, which demonstrate youth work. The TSV abtswind thus receives 2064 euros, the protestant church community 1809 euros, the water rescue 435 euros, the youth fire department 390 euros, as well as the trombone choir 300 euros. The rate agreed.

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