Where the city center of forchheim is empty

Where the city center of forchheim is empty

"Tenants wanted", "loading free as of october", "commercial space for rent": passers-by walking through forchheim’s city center keep discovering empty shop windows between the storefronts. Even the prime locations in the fubgangerzone and in hornschuchallee are not spared.

Some vacant lots, where construction is still going on, will soon be filled with life again. Like the building of the former butcher’s shop belzer, a fillet stucco in the main street of forchheim. "We are in the midst of a major reorganization", says alexander maier, managing director of the forchheim company raum und werte verwaltungs gmbh.

Now it still needs a suitable tenant. "We have received several inquiries, but no decision has been made yet," said, says maier. At the top of the list is a chain store, i.E. A large chain that also needs the 800 square meters of store space.

Even though there is a "give and take with the city is: ultimately, raum und werte gmbh, as the developer, can decide on the future tenant itself, says maier. But he emphasizes how important it is for them to have a good working relationship with the city. "We see an 18. Opticians not profitable", says the managing director.

Apartments in the "high-priced segment

The sales areas of the butcher’s shop are to become an entire belzer site. The former textile dotzer building in burgerhofstrabe is also being renovated for this purpose. In addition to commercial space on the street front in hauptstrabe, apartments "in the high-priced segment" are also being built on the belzer site, says maier. The first apartments are to be rented out starting in january; in march or april, life is to move into the commercial space.

The developer raum und werte is also currently renovating the former lottery store in hornschuchallee. The first tenants are expected to move into the five apartments from december, says maier. There are applicants for the commercial unit, but a decision has not yet been made. "It will be a businessman from forchheim", stresses maier.

But not all vacant properties in the city are making progress. The former fruit house karabag in hornschuchallee has been vacant for months now. But the owner of the building is in no hurry to find a new tenant, says a member of the karabag family in response to a question from the FT. Karabag wants around 1800 euros in cold rent for the 150 square meters of store space. He could not rent out the high-quality property for less. "If a tenant comes, I am happy", says karabag. He has already received inquiries, but most of them have failed because of the rent or the parking space.

The city can mediate

At the city administration, city manager elena buttner is familiar with the city’s vacancy management system. Your task is to bring together owners and prospective tenants. This is also emphasized by mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD): "our task is to mediate." But the city’s hands are sometimes tied in the process. "The success is manageable", says kirschstein.

Finally, the owner demands a certain rent, the prospective tenant has a financial ceiling. "This is what we have to reconcile." This circumstance is made more difficult by the fact that there is no rent index in forchheim, the leeway of the owners is therefore very limited.

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