Wincent weiss sings anti-racism song about george floyd

Wincent weiss sings anti-racism song about george floyd

The pop singer wincent weiss (27) has written a song about police violence and racism in the USA.

In the song "ist das noch realitat", inspired by the death of the african american george floyd, it says: "with our hands in our pockets we ignore every shi. People die on the streets with their heads on the asphalt."The clip that the musician uploaded to instagram on wednesday night had been viewed more than half a million times by thursday evening.

"I can process things much better in music than posting any pictures or sentences. I found it very liberating to do this," weiss ("musik sein", "an wunder") told the german press agency. "I am stunned by what is happening in america. I can not understand."

The short song was created together with songwriter nico santos (27, "better"), who also plays the piano, and the production team achtabahn ("so good"). "We actually wanted to write a normal pop number in the studio", weiss explained. "Then we saw the pictures and videos from the USA, talked about the subject for a long time and after that we didn’t feel we wanted to make a pop song anymore."This is how the anti-racism song was created, which is not available for streaming or purchase.

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